Project Earth Rock

As climate concerns continue to grow, it is becoming increasingly important that those who will face these future challenges are equipped with the knowledge to act today. Bromley Council are offering free resources for schools and pupils interested in learning about sustainability and how, together, we can grow the environmental stewardship of the borough’s youngest generation.

Project Earth Rock is a multimedia resource for teaching sustainability that is aimed at Key Stage 2 but has been used and enjoyed by pupils in Key Stage 1. Its cross-curricular animated musical approach enables teachers and pupils to easily access and engage with 12 key sustainability themes. Project Earth Rock also supports all the topics of the eco schools programme.

The full resource pack offers to bring important and topical environmental issues to life whilst providing an engaging, enjoyable and thoughtful experience for the children.

Themes include:

  • Power challenge
  • Disposable waste
  • Saving water
  • Counting the carbon
  • Compost and grow
  • Sustainable transport
  • School council -  decision making
  • The importance of rainforests

Information for teachers

Project Earth Rock is designed for teachers to use without any prior knowledge of sustainability topics, but geography leads are usually best placed to lead. All the themes complement various parts of the national curriculum and these links are explained within the resource pack and individual lesson plans. The lessons take a plug-and-play approach, with pre-packaged, self-contained resources that do not require any additional work or input from the teachers.

The  pack consists of:

  • A resource book that contains lesson plans for the 12 themes (linked with the National Curriculum).
  • It also includes other resources, such as worksheets, that can be used in the lesson.
  • The Project Earth Rock DVD containing the song-teaching videos, karaoke videos and animations for the 12 themes.
  • Piano sheet music for assemblies and concerts.

The resource is very flexible as the themes can either be implemented as a term of work or alternatively can be used as individual lessons, it’s up to you!

Bromley Council will be trialling this offer for a year, and feedback is essential if we are to continue the service for additional years and expand the service. Resources are provisioned for free on the condition these feedback surveys are completed.

We are currently gauging appetite amongst schools for the initiative, and resources will be allocated on a first come first served basis. If you are a parent or a teacher who thinks your school would like to know more about the scheme or express interest in participating, please email

More information on the material can be found at