Sustainability fund

The purpose of the fund is to support non-profit organisations, community groups or individuals that help transform their local community through enhancing biodiversity, promoting sustainable waste behaviours, protecting or preserving resources and the environment, or using recycled, reused or reclaimed materials. The fund will support inspirational ideas that aim to make a positive change towards their local communities.

The sustainability fund is delivered and distributed by Veolia as part of the council’s waste contract.

Apply for funding

Projects can apply at until the 31st October 2022.

Projects supported

In 2021, the sustainability fund contributed to the following community projects:

● Balgowan Primary Zero Waste Veg & Fence project. Transforming the school’s limited green space into a restorative ecosystem for all its students to enjoy.

● PALS - Pettswoodians Against Litter. Helping the community with litter pickers and hoops to carry litter picking events around their local area.

● Shrewsbury Road Community planter. Provided the community with two McDonalds planters attached to a bench to use in their community garden and plant herbs.

● Churchfield Primary School Children's garden. Supported the school in bringing the children’s garden back to life.

● Biodiversity for Churchfields Recreation Ground. Help increase the number of trees and create a large meadow by walking paths and shrub wall.