Rogue traders

The term 'Rogue Trader' is used to describe criminals who target homeowners. They make fraudulent and untruthful statements and carry out shoddy work with the intention of obtaining as much money as they can. The people involved in this type of criminality are practised, convincing and organised. Our experience shows they favour the vulnerable members of the community, particularly the elderly and lonely.

Obtain quotes 

Typically, these rogue callers will arrive unannounced and point out work that they say is needed at a resident's home. This includes gardening, driveway and building work. They will probably want to commence works quickly. Residents are advised not to agree immediately to any work. It is always advisable to obtain two or three estimates for proposed work.

Right to cancel 

By law, traders have to provide customers with a written document which sets out their right to change their mind to a written or verbal contract. The document allows a resident a minimum of 14 days to consider whether they still want to go ahead. If they change their mind within these 14 days, they are entitled to cancel the contract without any penalty.

Please see the following guidance for more information.

Right to cancel guidance

Partnership working 

The Trading Standards Rogue Trading team deal with criminal offences committed by doorstep callers. The team works closely with Bromley Police and the Borough Safer Neighbourhood Teams.  Bank and post office staff in the borough have been trained to look out for customers who may have been sent to the branch by rogue traders to withdraw unusually large sums of money to pay for the works.  They are encouraged to contact Trading Standards immediately so that assistance can be given.

How to report rogue traders

If you, a neighbour, or someone you know is being affected by rogue traders, please contact our Rapid Response line on 07903 852090.

This Rapid Response Service is for Bromley residents only; if you live outside the borough, please contact your local Trading Standards Department through your local council.

Rapid response number

Telephone: 07903 852090