Experimental measures to introduce cycle lanes and change traffic management on Albemarle Road have been implemented. Westgate Road bridge has also been made one directional to traffic, with drivers only permitted to drive north to south. The conflicts of drivers coming nose-to-nose on the bridge has long been a matter for concern – well before the nearby cycle route was installed.

These experimental changes were made as part of the council’s long-term ambition to improve cycling and walking links between Bromley and Beckenham. The benefit of experimental schemes is that they can be changed, improved, or removed.

Update October 2021

We have written to all the residents and businesses in the catchment area to ask for their views about cycling and traffic in the Albemarle Road area of Beckenham.

On the 11 March 2021 members of the Environment and Community Services Committee together with ward councillors, completed pre-decision scrutiny of further changes to the scheme. The Portfolio Holder for Environment and Community Services made the following decisions:

  1. The Albemarle Road experimental cycle scheme be left in place for the present time, but with the amendment of the re-introduction of two-way traffic between the junctions at Westgate Road and St Georges Road whilst retaining the segregated cycle lane, along with associated junction priority changes.
  2. The railway bridge in Westgate Road continues to have one-way traffic over the bridge and that traffic be one directional north (The Avenue) to south (Albemarle Road) as at present.
  3. The Albemarle Road experimental scheme be subject to further review(s) and consultation(s) within 18 months so that post-lockdown traffic can be measured, and residents’ views re-evaluated.

In accordance with the third decision, the council is now consulting with residents on the long-term traffic management of Albemarle Road and traffic flow over Westgate Road bridge.

Since the scheme has been implemented and changes made in June 2021 the council has monitored traffic levels and traffic speeds on Albemarle Road and the numbers of cyclists using the cycle lanes. Cyclists are using the cycle lanes and many residents have noted that the amenity of Albemarle Road has been improved.

If you have received a letter asking you to take part in this consultation, please consider the improvements and benefits that have been made and paid for, balanced against any negative impacts and inconveniences. 

Please note that individual emails regarding this consultation cannot be responded to.

Have your say

We have created a survey allowing residents to state their preference on the proposed options. All responses to the proposals must be registered via this survey by 12 November 2021

This consultation has now closed.