Car clubs provide their members with convenient access to a range of modern, efficient vehicles without having to consider the expense of ownership (such as insurance, tax, MOTs, fuel, servicing, repairs, depreciation and parking).

Individuals and businesses can both join a car club which could then be used as an additional car or as an alternative to actually owning a vehicle at all.  Car club members avoid the servicing costs and the depreciation associated with actually owning a vehicle.  Fuel, insurance and road tax is all included as part of an annual membership fee, an hourly payment and a mileage charge.

Car clubs in the borough

There are currently fourteen car club vehicles in Bromley, operated by Enterprise Car Club. There are a range of vehicles from small city cars to a van to cover all your needs.

How does the scheme work? 

For a small annual membership fee, car club members can reserve a car for a set time period.

Each car club car has a dedicated car parking space where members can pick up the car from and leave it when they have finished using the car.   

Access to the vehicle is granted by using a smartcard or in some cases the car can be locked and unlocked via the car club’s smartphone App. Mileage is tracked via an on-board computer. Once the journey is completed, the driver returns the car to the designated bay and the member is charged for the time used. 

How to join

If you are thinking of joining a car club scheme you need to apply direct to one of the car club operators. Membership details are available on the operator’s websites.  

Visit the Enterprise Car Club website