Have you considered the impact travel has on your workplace?

A workplace travel plan is a business strategy for managing your travel needs and impacts.  We can support you with practical ways to promote sustainable travel.


Workplace travel planning can deliver a number of benefits including:

  • clear business cost savings

  • improved corporate image

  • reduce carbon emissions

  • a healthier, more productive workforce

  • be an employer of choice

How do travel plans work?

Step 1 - Expert travel advisor meets with you to give advice and answer any questions you might have on developing a travel plan.
Step 2 - Secure senior management support and identify a travel plan champion to work with us.
Step 3 - Undertake surveys with employees to understand their travel habits and how they would prefer to travel.
Step 4 - Package of initiatives implemented that most suits your workplace.
Step 5 - Ongoing support through annual surveys to review your travel plan every year

Support available to your workplace

Contact us to receive support from our team and take advantage of the following support initiatives:

  • free cycle stands to any workplace in the borough

  • match funded grants for sustainable travel measures

  • free merchandise

  • promotional travel-awareness staff events

  • free travel planning support

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