Links to other sites from our website are solely to provide additional information to our customers.

Whilst our links are reviewed to ensure our policy is complied with, we are under no obligation to include website links. Bromley Council accepts no responsibility or liability for access to, or the material on, any site which is linked from or to this site.

Websites will be considered for inclusion based on the following

  • relevant to specific content on or to the council as a whole
  • the link adds value to the service that we offer our customers
  • up to date and free from under construction messages
  • transparent about its ownership, funding and purpose
  • information quality, the reliability of the site and where the author is regarded as trustworthy or authoritative in regard to the information contained on the site. 
  • the person or organisation maintaining site should be readily identifiable and contactable for users seeking additional information; ideally government, public, charity or other publicly known and trusted organisation.
  • the site is logically organised and easy to navigate and follows current accessibility and usability guidelines

Sites will be excluded that

  • contain offensive inflammatory or illegal material
  • contain political or religious bias
  • that require payment or download of external applications to access information on the site
  • sites other than those authorised in writing by the council and its advertising agent will be excluded where these are considered by the council to principally advertise or market products and services

We reserve the right that we:

  • do not enter into reciprocal links (i.e. agree to link to a website in return for that website linking to .) 
  • remove links that in the future may not comply with this policy
  • may remove links without notice or explanation
  • cannot guarantee to honour all links requests
  • include disclaimers on our own sites regarding external links.