Bromley youth offending service is a partnership that is co-ordinated by the local authority and overseen by the youth justice board.  The service works with children and young people between 10 -18 years old at risk of offending or reoffending including those at risk or entering the criminal justice system for the first time.  We deliver intervention to try and divert children away from offending. The youth offending service have embedded a child first approach to their work, and  provide support to assist children in moving away from offending.

Aims of youth offending service

The aim of the service is to prevent offending and reoffending by children and young people in the borough of Bromley by working to support young people and their parent/carers. The role of the youth offending service is stated in Crime and Disorder Act (1998) which includes co-ordinating services in the London Borough of Bromley.

Youth offending service mission

Bromley YOS are committed to improving life chances and outcomes of children and young people in contact with the youth justice system or at risk of becoming involved in crime and antisocial behaviour. Our work is guided by the child first, offender second principle. We work to prevent and divert children from offending and work with children and their families to effect change in a positive way. 

The youth offending service (YOS) is a statutory multi-disciplinary team which is made up of:

  • Social workers
  • Police officers
  • Probation officer
  • CAHMS practitioners – clinical psychologist
  • Speech and language therapist
  • School nurse
  • Substance misuse worker
  • Education welfare officer
  • Teacher
  • Education, training, and employment advisor
  • Reparation worker
  • Restorative justice and victim worker
  • Parenting worker
  • Liaison and diversion officer
  • Victim and restorative justice officer
  • Management team, performance officer and support staff


  • Community panel member volunteers
  • We also have a mentoring scheme made up of volunteers.

The youth offending service is responsible for the supervision of children and young people both in the community and in custody. The youth justice board have set national standards which defines the expectations for children in the youth justice system.