You can use this form to submit a chaperone application or renewal only if you live within the London Borough of Bromley

Please read the following notes carefully before completing this form.

* We can accept existing DBS certificates ONLY IF:
•    They have been issued through LB Bromley within the last 3 years OR
•    They have been registered with the DBS Update Service AND
•    They are Enhanced and include all the relevant checks (some school DBS’s don’t have these).

If your non-Bromley DBS is not registered with the update service it is not portable; you will need to apply for a new DBS check.

If your DBS does not include the children’s barred list check and the Education Act 2002 Section 142 check you will need to apply for a new DBS check.

If your LB Bromley DBS has not been registered we can only license you to its expiry which is 3 years after issue date. If there is not much shelf life left on it you can apply for a new DBS check.

The licensing process can take up to ten weeks to complete; please apply well in advance of the performance you wish to chaperone.

If you are unable to attach a copy of your dbs certificate to this application please present all paperwork promptly upon request to ensure you are licensed in time.  Delay in returning dbs certificates to the civic centre is the principal cause of licences not being issued. Please note you will also need to attach a recent photo of yourself to this application. 

Licence fees

  • Professional fee (licence only) - £10.00
  • Professional fee (licence plus DBS check) - £55.00
  • Volunteer fee (licence only) - £10.00
  • Volunteer fee (licence plus DBS check) - £15.00

Please have your payment details ready.  

More information on child employment.

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Use of your personal data
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