A chaperone is in place to provide guidance, support and protection for the child/children in their care. They act in loco parentis (in place of the parent). The chaperone is expected to have a clear understanding of the regulations of child licensing and ensure that producers/director follow them maintaining the health, safety and education of all children in their care, at every step.

Regulations stipulate either a parent of the child performing, their curriculum teacher or a named chaperone is present at any place of performance. Bromley Council has a statutory duty to approve any person resident within the local authority who wishes to be licensed as a chaperone.

Please note, if you want to apply for a chaperone licence, your address must be a London Borough of Bromley address, if it is not, you must apply to the local authority that you pay council tax.

Who can act as a chaperone

Anyone wishing to act in the capacity of a chaperone, other than the child's parent or curriculum teacher, will require a licence. All chaperones must be licensed by the local authority in which they live and should be able to produce their licence if required to do so whenever they are working.

Chaperone's responsibilities

Although the production company will be responsible for ensuring facilities meet the legal requirement for children, it is important to remember that the chaperone's overall responsibility is to the welfare of the child, and not to the director/producer.

The main responsibilities of a chaperone are:

  • A chaperone is expected to exercise the care a good parent might be expected to give. To be aware of the child’s needs and ensure they are appropriately met.
  • Except while they are in charge of an approved tutor, children must be under the supervision of the chaperone at all times whilst at the place of performance.
  • Ensure the young person has access to appropriate facilities (toilets, changing rooms, holding areas, food etc)
  • Awareness of the licence that was issued and the expectation upon the child, including health needs of the child.
  • Ensure regular breaks and hours are within regulations.
  • Be aware of health and safety and safeguarding risks.

To ensure that all requirements are being met, a representative of the council may carry out an inspection of any production taking place in the borough whenever children are part of the production.


Chaperone training is mandatory for all Bromley chaperones regardless of any other safeguarding training already completed. (If you do not reside in the London Borough of Bromley, you need to apply for your chaperone licence to the local authority you pay council tax to and they will have their own expectations in relation to training). You will need to complete the current chaperone training, provided by NSPCC. This training is specific to the entertainment industry.

Complete the NSPCC online training

All chaperones, either volunteer or professional, will need to complete the training, which will need to be completed before applying for your licence. We unfortunately cannot reimburse you the NSPCC training fee which is £25.00.

Training will need to be completed for each application/renewal.

Licence fees

Bromley offer two types of licences; a volunteer licence or a professional licence. If you are looking to undertake paid chaperone work, you will need to apply for a professional licence.

If you currently hold an in date Bromley issued Enhanced DBS (provided by Bromley Council or a Bromley School/Academy) or have a valid Enhanced DBS for which you have signed up to the update service you may not need another DBS (please see DBS section for more details)


Licence + DBS

Licence only







*Please note that training costs are not included in the above prices. Please see the training section for more information.

Do I need to pay for a new DBS?

If you have a current Enhanced DBS that has been issued by Bromley Council either as an employee for the council or for a school within the borough that uses the local authority Liberata DBS system, you will not need a new DBS and will only need to pay for the licence. Please attach a copy of your DBS certificate to your application.

If your Enhanced DBS was not issued by Bromley, but you have signed up to the update service and have kept your subscription up to date, you will not need to be issued with a new DBS and can pay for a licence only. Please attach a copy of your DBS certificate to your application. You will also be requested to show photographic identification to confirm the DBS status.

Please note chaperone licences will only be issued in line with DBS, therefore if you only have 6 months on a DBS we will only issue a licence for 6 months until the new DBS has been issued.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) 

After completing your application an email will be sent to you with a link and password for you to complete your part of the DBS application form. Upon completion of your DBS application form, you will be contacted to arrange your ID document check. 

DBS document guidance

a) Your UK birth certificate, passport or driving licence. Two of these if possible.

b) A bank/utility/council tax bill, dated within the past three months (12 months for council tax) showing your name and address. Two of these if only one of (b) is available.

Please note these must be original, physical documents. We cannot accept documents on a mobile app or that have been printed off at home.

The child employment officer (or an education welfare officer if the CEO is unavailable) will view these documents in order to complete the DBS application. 

Clearance can take 6 to 8 weeks to process so please allow enough time when completing your application.

Your DBS can be portable and automatically updated, if you choose to register this with the DBS update service. It is recommended that you do this if you intend to renew your licence at a later stage. 

How to apply

Applications to become a chaperone need to be made to the borough in which you live in. Having completed the training prior to application, you will then need to complete the application form and make the correct payment. In order to complete the application form, you will need to attach the following:

  • Current photo (no more than 6 months old)
  • Completed NSPCC certificate
  • Current DBS (please see below as to whether your current DBS is acceptable or if you will need to apply).
  • Names and email addresses of two referees

The licensing process can take up to ten weeks to complete, please apply well in advance of the performance you wish to chaperone.

Failing to disclose any relevant information e.g., known to social services may delay your application. If you have any queries, please contact our Child Employment Officer before your application.

Renewing your licence

Your licence will run either for three years or until the expiry of your DBS check, whichever is sooner. Renewal of your licence is subject to the above procedure being repeated, but no new references will be necessary.

If your previous licence expired more than three months ago, new references will be requested.

Apply or renew chaperone licence

Complete the chaperone application

Further information

There is a range of leaflets about child employment or you can contact us for advice.

Worried about a child?

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