Voter ID pilot

Bromley took part in a pilot scheme run by the Cabinet Office, that meant voters within the borough will needed to show ID before they could vote at a polling station at the Local Elections on 3 May 2018.

Along with Bromley, four other Local Authorities (Gosport, Swindon, Watford and Woking) also volunteered to take part in the trial, which is likely to be the first in a series of pilots to allow the Electoral Commission and Cabinet Office to evaluate the impact of asking for ID before a decision is taken on whether or not to roll it out nationally.



What ID was accepted in Bromley? 

To vote at a polling station in London Borough Bromley on 3 May 2018 an elector needed to take either:

 One form of photographic ID (such as a Passport Driving Licence or Freedom Pass) or
Two forms of non-photographic ID, one of which must have shown their registered address (such as their poll card, debit/credit card, bank statement or birth certificate)

Those people who were unable to provide any of the specified ID were able to apply for a postal vote, a proxy vote or a Certificate of Identity from Electoral Services.

Full details of the accepted forms of ID can be found in the Bromley Pilot Order.

Initial results

Information was collected from polling stations regarding what ID electors provided, along with those people who turned up without suitable ID and those people who subsequently returned with the correct ID and cast their vote.

In Bromley 569 originally came to the polling station without suitable ID. Of those 569, 415 people returned subsequently with the correct ID and cast their vote.

This information is now being collated and submitted to the Cabinet Office and Electoral Commission to form part of their formal evaluation of the scheme.

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