Local shopping parades

If you have the support of other local businesses on your shopping parade, council funding could be available for the following initiatives:

  • Improving the public realm by enhancing paving or improving street lighting, furniture and planting
  • Removing unnecessary street furniture
  • Working with landlords to improve the look of empty shops
  • Encouraging the development of sustainable traders’ groups

Here are examples of successful projects from the last round:

Anerley Replacement litter bins and deep cleaning of pavements.

Clock House - Interpretative heritage sign.

Chislehurst Royal Parade - New directional signage and new planter.

How to improve your local parade

If you think your local shopping parade could benefit from improvements then please speak to your ward councillor about the Local Parades’ Improvement Initiative.

One-off funding is available for eligible projects through this initiative. Funding needs to be applied for by ward councillors and bids must demonstrate a sustainable benefit for local businesses, the economy and the wider community with no future cost implications for the council.

Local shopping parades (PDF - 99.9 KB) eligible for funding under this scheme. 

Find the name and contact details of your local ward councillor.

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