Caring for someone

We recognise and appreciate that carers are vital, and the value of their support incalculable, for the well being of the person they are caring for.

Are you a carer?

A carer is someone who regularly cares, without payment, for a relative, partner or friend, who due to illness, disability, vulnerability or frailty cannot manage at home without help. Carers can come from all walks of life, can be of any age and can be of any racial origin. 

If you look after a relative, friend or disabled child who needs
support to live at home then....YOU ARE A CARER!

Bromley Well services for carers

Bromley Well is a Single Point of Access for both adult carers and young carers. Bromley Well provides a service for:
a)    Adults with caring responsibilities
b)    Young carers - aged 4 to 19 
c)    Mutual carers aged 55+ with a disabled adult son/daughter/sibling living at home

Visit the Bromley Well website for more information

Getting care and support - Care assessments

Carer’s assessments are for adult carers of adults (over 18 years) who are disabled, ill or elderly. The assessment is an opportunity to discuss with us what support or services you need. The assessment will look at how caring affects your life, including for example, physical, mental and emotional needs, and whether you are able or willing to carry on caring.

Find out more about carer's assessments

Getting a break from caring

Bromley Well - Coping with Caring, a free course for anyone who supports someone who struggles with their mental health.

Bromley Care and support directory

The Adult Care and Support Services Directory provides valuable information to help you make informed choices about your life.