Bromley’s children and young people’s plan 2021 to 2024

In Bromley we have high ambitions for our children and young people. Partners have joined together in the Bromley Children’s Executive Board to reaffirm a commitment to joint planning and delivery of services to improve the life chances of Bromley’s children and young people.

This plan sets out the work that we will undertake to further develop our partnership practice across agencies, to increase integration of services where it makes sense to do so, and to strengthen joint accountability for improving outcomes for local young people.

Download the Bromley Children and Young People's Plan 

Priority areas

In the context of national policies and priorities and the needs of the most vulnerable children and young people in Bromley, the plan for 2021 - 2024 is focused on the following areas.

  • Targeted early intervention and good universal services
  • Safeguarding children and adolescents
  • Being the best corporate parent
  • Challenging disproportionately
  • Engaging with children, young people and families

For each priority, the plan outlines:

  • Why its important
  • What it looks like in Bromley
  • What we are going to do next

The Bromley Children's Executive Board has responsibility for developing, producing publishing, reviewing and monitoring the children and young people's plan.