What we do to safeguard children

We have a duty to investigate any concerns about a child aged under 18 who lives in the borough or who is 'looked after' by the Local Authority, who may be in need of protection from physical, sexual or emotional abuse or from neglect.

More guidance can be found on the Bromley Safeguarding Children Board website.

In most cases, an investigation of concerns about a child leads to the provision of help or services to the child and his/her family.

In extreme cases it could mean the removal of the child into the care of the Local Authority.

In some cases it may lead to the development of a child protection plan in which all the agencies involved with the family work together to protect the child. The plan is co-ordinated by children's social care and led by a  social worker.

Who we work with

All statutory and voluntary agencies in the borough who provide services to children may participate in a child protection plan; for example, Health Service providers, the police and local schools. All such agencies operate under the guidance of the London Child Protection procedures and Working Together to Safeguard Children.

All organisations should have a child protection policy; including a statement on, and guidelines about, keeping children safe. A good organisation will welcome questions about their activities and the safety of their environment. For further information and general advice about child protection please visit the NSPCC website.