Search for new community resource centres

Work is underway to look for new sites that will better accommodate both the Cotmandene and Mottingham Community Resource Centres. The London Borough of Bromley regularly considers opportunities to improve and enhance the borough’s community services, to ensure the services are convenient, fit for purpose, and reaching local residents.

Consultation closed

The consultation about the future of the Mottingham and Cotmandene Resource Centres is now closed. Thank you to all those who provided their views which are now being considered to assist with the search for new centre locations. Further updates will be provided in due course.

About the plans for the centres

Why is Cotmandene Resource Centre currently operating from St Paul’s Cray library?

Cotmandene has recently experienced two sewage leaks which make the building unfit for staff and users. Whilst the building is being cleaned and repairs made, the centre is operating from St Paul’s Cray library.

When will the Cotmandene Centre reopen?

We do not currently have a confirmed date for the Community Resource Centre to return to the Cotmandene Centre. As soon as we do, service users will be notified.

Are the community resource centres at Cotmandene and Mottingham going to close?

There are no plans to close the community resource centres. It was agreed at a council committee on the 16 November that the service is important and that council officers would look for new premises for both centres.

Why can’t the centres stay where they are?

Unfortunately, both buildings are regularly damaged by leaks outside of the council’s control due to the flats above. This has caused multiple closures and suspension of activities over the past few years. We are seeking new premises that are less likely to suffer such significant building issues in the future.

When will both centres move to new premises?

We are currently looking at options to relocate both centres and consulting users and other local people in this process. We do not have a confirmed relocation date but it is likely to be in the first half of 2023.

Will there be interruption to services whilst relocation of the centres takes place?

It is our aim to keep both centres open to their normal timetable during any move. If the centres do need to close temporarily then notice will be given to service users.