First step

It is really important that if you have a any queries about your child’s funded early education and childcare that you speak to your childcare provider first. It is in their interest to resolve any issues that you may have and this usually resolves matters quickly. 


Any issues concerning invoices are best dealt with by your provider and they should be able to give you a full breakdown of the amount due.  

It is a legal requirement that they provide parents with invoices.  In addition, they must provide you with a list of their charges, which include details of the charges made for any time accessed in addition to the funded entitlement.

Complaints procedure

We have a complaints procedure for anyone who is concerned that their child has, in some way, been unable to access their free entitlement.

If you have spoken to your childminder, preschool or day nursery about your child accessing the free hours and this did not resolve the issue please complete the funding complaint form.

We ask for a copy of the invoice and any supporting documents so we can investigate the complaint.

If your complaint is about the care your child has received, please contact Ofsted.