A guide to your council tax 2022/23

Council tax is a property-based tax payable on most domestic properties such as a house or flat but can include a houseboat, caravan or a granny annexe.

The council tax charge is set by local councillors and depends on how much money is needed to run local services and how much is given to the council by central government.

One bill is sent to each household detailing the council tax charge for the forthcoming year. The band of the property determines the level of tax each household pays.

How much will I pay?

This year there is no increase in Bromley’s part of the council tax however the Adult Social Care precept is being increased by one percent.There is an increase of 8.8 percent in the GLA part.  This means there is an overall increase of 2.67 percent. (Due to decimal rounding this shows as 2.7 percent on your council tax bill).

Property Bromley* (£.p) GLA (£.p) Total
A 894.09 263.73 1,157.82
B 1,043.10 307.68 1,350.78
C 1,192.12 351.64 1,543.76
D 1,341.13 395.59 1,736.72
E 1,639.16 483.50 2,122.66
F 1937.18 571.41 2,508.59
G 2,235.22 659.32 2,894.54
H 2,682.26 791.18 3,473.44

*Including Adult Social Care precept. Find out how the Adult Social Care precept is calculated (PDF - 40.05 KB).

You can view the valuation bands for council tax purposes

Council tax rebate to help with energy bills

As part of the government’s initiative to help households with rising energy costs, they have announced a £150 utility energy rebate for certain households.

More information about the council tax rebate to help with energy bills

Your council tax bill for 2022/23

Council tax bills for 2022/23 have been sent out. Your first payment is due on 15 April 2022. Followed by payments on the 1st of each month (or the 15th if you have opted to pay by direct debit). 

If you pay by any method other than by direct debit you should pay five days before the due date to allow for postal delivery/bank processing.

Information to explain this year's council tax.

Council tax 2022/23(PDF guide - 135.83 KB)

Details about how much council tax is payable for 2022/23, including how the council spends its money.

Guide to how your council tax pays for the Greater London Authority (GLA) services (PDF leaflet - 231.19 KB)

Information about how the GLA spends its part of your council tax. 

How to pay your council tax

Different payment methods are available and you can view your account online.

Discounts and exemptions

If you think you are entitled to a discount or exemption on your council tax.