We aim to meet the communication needs of all our customers. This includes providing information on our services in other languages for those customers who speak or write little or no English.

We try to provide translation and interpretation support where:

  • there is face-to-face interaction between the council and a customer;
  • we are providing basic information about obtaining services; and
  • we are consulting with customers to obtain their views, opinions, comments and complaints.

We will apply the following standards when providing this support:

  • departments are responsible for finding out if a customer needs communication support and must offer appropriate translation and interpretation services;
  • departments will use a mix of bilingual staff, community organisations and professional interpreters and translators;
  • children must not be used as interpreters;
  • adult family members or friends can only be used after the option of professional translation and interpretation support has been offered;
  • the council will provide a professional, high quality, confidential and comprehensive translation and interpretation service.

You can translate pages on this website by selecting from the drop-down box at the bottom of the page.