Choosing childcare for your child can be daunting as there are different options you can use depending on your circumstances. Day nurseries, pre-schools, nursery classes in schools and  childminders.

You can use our day nursery and pre-school map to find registered childcare in your search area. Place a postcode or street name in the location box and see a list of providers in your area.

We are working to bring you a mobile phone friendly version of this map. In the meantime, if you are viewing on a mobile phone please use our childcare directory

Day nurseries and pre-schools map

What is a day nursery?

  • Can be open all year
  • Offer extended days such as 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday
  • Some take children from a few months old until they start reception at school
  • Average cost is £45 to £70  per day - check what this includes

What is a pre-school?

  • Mainly term time only (38 weeks a year)
  • Offer sessions or shorter days such as 9am-12noon or 9am to 4pm
  • Some take 2 year olds until they start reception class at school
  • Average charge is £10 to £28 per 3 hour session – check what additional charges there are 

They all:

  • Register with Ofsted and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
  • Can offer the universal 15 hours and some will be able to offer the 30 hours funded childcare either themselves or in partnership with other providers. Find out more about funded early education places (FEE)
  • Can charge for additional time and services
  • Can charge a deposit to secure a place but not if you are only accessing your free entitlement hours and no additional time