Bromley Council is the Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for the borough, our main role is to co-ordinate local flood risk management, in particular flood risk from smaller watercourses, surface water and groundwater and this includes:

  • recording and investigating flood incidents within the borough
  • maintaining a register of structures that drain surface water and have significant impact on flood risk within the borough
  • controlling development within the borough so as to minimise flood impact
  • co-ordinate local agencies with surface water drainage responsibilities.

Local Flood Risk Management Strategy

As a Lead Local Flood Authority we produce a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (LFRMS). 

Flood and Water Management legislation

The co-ordination role for local authorities was defined by the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and followed the national flood events of 2007. You can check flood risk warnings by visiting the Environment Agency website.

You can also sign up to get flood warnings including groundwater levels, by phone, email or text message if your home or business is at risk of flooding.

Flood mapping for surface water

Updated Flood Mapping for Surface Water (uFMfSW) is a requirement of the Flood Risk regulations 2009. You can view surface water flood risk maps for the Bromley area on the Environment Agency website.