We are required under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to pick up stray dogs reported to us. We will respond by attending the premises where the dog is being held and attempt to locate the owner by checking for dog tags, microchips etc. 

If we are unable to locate the owner, we will transport the dog to our nominated kennels. Any dog taken to the kennels will be held for seven days so that the owner can reclaim it and thereafter the legal ownership of the dog is transferred to Bromley Council and we will arrange for it to be rehomed (if suitable for rehoming).

Found a dog?

Contact us if you find a stray dog. We will pick up any stray dogs found in the borough and return them to their owner, if identified. Please note that we can only respond to calls where the dog is confined by a member of the public and not to calls of sightings of dogs wandering in streets or open spaces.

Lost a dog?

Contact us if you have lost your dog.  You can also check on our Found Dog website to see if we have found your dog; the site provides pictures and details of dogs that have been found in the borough and information on how you can claim your dog if we have it.

If your pet is microchipped you can also visit www.petlog.org.uk/ the UK’s largest Lost and Found database for microchipped pets.

If your dog has been picked up and is at our kennels, we will arrange for it to be returned to you. Please note that we recover our costs and there will be a fee to pay before the dog is returned. A schedule of fees is shown below.

If you lost your dog more than 7 days ago it may have been sent for re-homing, you will need to contact us to find out if this has happened.

If your dog has been microchipped and your details are up to date we will try to re unite you with your dog. However, you should also notify the microchip database because your dog may have strayed out of the borough.


Any fees including a statutory fee will need to be paid before your dog can be returned. Payment is required in full and accepted payment is by either debit or credit card. We are only able to take payment up until 5pm weekdays. Our offices are closed at weekends.

If a dog is identifiable and returned to its owner on the day that it is found, we charge the £25 statutory fee. In all other cases we charge a flat fee of £100 for the return of the lost dog; this will be reduced by 50% if the dog is chipped and returned to the owner. The kenneling fees are as detailed in the table below.


Statutory fee, payable in every case  £25
Collection fee/return fees £100 (50% reduction if identifiable i.e. microchipped)
Kennelling (per day) £28.20 (inclusive of VAT)

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