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Request a food hygiene rating inspection

There is a charge for food hygiene re-rating to improve the food hygiene rating of your food business. Bromley Council charges £184 for revisit inspections.

Before requesting a food hygiene rating inspection, please check that a routine food hygiene inspection is not due.  Check the food business risk category in the inspection letter or the food hygiene rating letter you received after your last inspection.  Use the table below to calculate the time of the next inspection, if the inspection falls due within the next 3 months please do not apply for a re-rating inspection.

If you cannot find the food business risk category on the inspection letter or the food hygiene rating letter please email the food team at  to request the current risk category of your food business.

Frequency of routine inspections of food premises

Risk category Minimum inspection frequency
A At least every 6 months
B At least every 12 months
C At least every 18 months
D At least every 24 months
E At least every 3 years

Notes for businesses

  • As the food business operator / proprietor you have a right to request a re-rating inspection if you have taken action to rectify the things that were wrong, identified at the time of the statutory inspection.
  • You may request a re-rating inspection at any time after a planned statutory inspection if you have made the required improvements.
  • There will be a charge of £184 for each re-rating inspection you request and there is no limit on the number of requests you may make.
  • The re-rating inspection will be carried out within three months of the receipt of your request and payment of the fee.
  • You must provide details of the improvements made with your request including supporting evidence where appropriate.
  • The inspecting officer will visit again only if satisfied that you have provided sufficient evidence that the requested improvements to food hygiene have been made.
  • The re-rating inspection will be unannounced and will be carried out within three months of the receipt of your request and payment of the fee.
  • After the re-rating inspection, the officer will give you a ‘new’ food hygiene rating based on the level of compliance that is found at the time of the re-rating inspection.  You should be aware that your rating could go up, down or remain the same.
  • To request a re-rating inspection, please complete the online form where you will also be able to pay the fee for the re-rating inspection.

Online payments

Our payment service provider Capita has updated the security used when you make a payment online. If you are using older software and versions of web browsers you may find that you are unable to complete payments on this website.

Apply and pay for a food hygiene rating inspection

Right of reply and appeals

Guidance for businesses on the food hygiene rating scheme inspection frequency, making an appeal, publishing a response to a hygiene rating on the Food Standards Agency website

Food business operators using the appeal and right of reply forms on the Food Standards Agency website should return the completed forms to our food safety team:

Post: to Food Safety Team, Public Protection, Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley BR1 3UH.