If you are an employee concerned about health and safety conditions in your workplace or if you have visited commercial premises (e.g. a shop or office) and are concerned about a health and safety issue, please contact us.

Who we can help

We cannot investigate complaints about companies outside the borough or those that are the responsibility of the Health and Safety Executive for health and safety enforcement. However, we can offer advice and give contact details of the relevant council or authority.


If your complaint relates to a commercial business, we can offer advice and in many cases we will investigate your complaint further. If you are employed in Bromley, we can help and advise you on some of the following issues:

  • stress at work
  • workplace transport
  • handling and moving of goods and materials
  • working at height
  • slip and trip hazards
  • temperature and ventilation
  • lighting
  • noise
  • use of dangerous equipment
  • handling and working with dangerous substances
  • personal protective equipment
  • working hours
  • work stations and use of computers
  • provision of toilet and washing facilities.


If you are a member of the public with a health and safety complaint about a company in Bromley we can help you. Some of the examples we can assist with are:

  • slippery floors and tripping hazards
  • obstructed aisles and doors
  • housekeeping
  • work equipment
  • escalators and lifts
  • unsafe structures
  • untrained staff
  • poor lighting.

Please note we are unable to investigate concerns regarding fire safety or means of escape from premises. These should be directed to London Fire Brigade on 0208 555 1200 or info@london-fire.gov.uk

Health and safety

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