Sexual health services

Changes to Bromley’s sexual health and reproductive service at Beckenham Beacon

From 3 April 2023, sexual health and reproductive services at Beckenham Beacon will come together as a single service. This new integrated service will be provided by King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (King’s).

Under current arrangements at Beckenham Beacon, King’s already provides the Sexual Health service (Genito-Urinary Medicine Clinic). The contraception clinic is provided by Bromley Healthcare.

The move to a single service and provider will mean a ‘one stop shop’ for all sexual health and contraception needs through one clinic.

As part of these changes, King’s will also be delivering services from Orpington Health and Wellbeing Centre and Mottingham Clinic.

What this means for you

There will be no changes before April 2023. If you have appointment booked before this time it will continue as normal through Bromley Healthcare. After this time your appointment will still take place in the same location, but there may be a change to the date or time of your appointment. If there is a need to change your appointment every effort will be made to keep it as close to your original booking as possible.

Further information

Further information will be provided after April. If you have any questions regarding the new service and what it means for your care, please contact the Beckenham Beacon service by email:

Sexual health clinics

Beckenham Beacon Hospital provides a Contraception Clinic (serviced by Bromley Healthcare) and a separate Sexual Health Clinic (serviced by King’s College Hospital Trust) but both services are available by appointment following an initial telephone consultation.

For more information, please visit Sexual Health Bromley  for contraception information or the Sexual Health Clinic page for Beckenham Beacon.

Kings College Hospital website - HIV clinic

 Visit NHS choices for other sexual health clinics

Bromley community contraception clinics 

Sexual Health Bromley - contraception clinics

NHS choices - getting contraception

Local GP

Go to your GP practice website for details or call your practice for advice

Community pharmacies

Go to the Bromley sexual health website for information and pharmacy contact details (regarding sexual health services available in Bromley pharmacies).

You are required to always telephone first (in case the coronavirus has affected staff and impacted on availability).

Free condoms

These condom schemes are available to Bromley residents

  • Come Correct (C-Card scheme): free condoms for 14 to 25 (some available online)
  • man2man: free condoms for men who have sex with men (available online)
  • wisDOM: free condoms for the local African and Afro-Caribbean community (available online)
  • Freedoms: If you don't qualify for any of these schemes, access condoms online from the NHS  (not free but cost of postal supply less than in shops)
  • Bromley Healthcare (Email: for free offer of postal condoms while services are limited)


Sexual health is an important part of physical and mental health as well as your emotional and social wellbeing. It's important to take care of your sexual health and to talk about sex and relationships with your loved ones.

Find a service

Contraception clinics:  find your nearest contraception clinic

Sexual health clinics: free and confidential sexual health and HIV service at the walk-in clinic at Beckenham Beacon

Chlamydia screening:  free service for 16 to 24 year olds, providing at-home testing kits for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea

STI screening: free service for over-16s, providing at-home testing kits for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C

LGBTQ+ services: gender and sexuality are important aspects of your identity. METRO is a charity that provides local services and information

GP contraception services  All GP practices provide a range of basic contraceptive methods but several practices provide Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) such as coils and implants or offer complex contraception support. Any resident of Bromley can be referred to an alternative practice if the desired service is not available at their own GP.

Information and advice

Free condoms 

  • Come Correct (C-Card scheme): free condoms for 14 to 25 year olds across London. 
  • man2man: free condoms for men who have sex with men. 
  • wisDOM: free condoms for the local African and Afro-Caribbean community.
  • Freedoms: If you don't qualify for any of these schemes, access condoms online from the NHS at a reduced rate.

Sexual health information and tools

  • Sexual Health Bromley: further local information, advice and services. 
  • NHS sexual health advice: further information and advice regarding all aspects of sexual health.
  • Sexwise
  • My contraception tool
  • Sexual assault:The Havens specialist centres in London for those who have been raped or sexually assaulted.
  • Brook: Relationship & Sex Education (RSE) is a mandatory part of the school curriculum and the Brook are offering campaigns directed at schools, teachers and young adults. Brook educators are making available free and inclusive virtual relationship and sex education lessons that would be appropriate for young people and inspiring to teachers. 

Healthy lives

  • Drugs and alcohol: use of drugs and alcohol can lead to risky decisions regarding sexual health.
  • One You campaign: a one-stop shop for personal health and wellbeing information and advice.
  • How are you? quiz: a short questionnaire to provide personalised health tips.
  • NHS Go app: an app designed for young people to access relevant health information and advice.
  • Kooth: free safe and anonymous online support for young people

Contact Bromley Sexual Health

Local sexual health services. To make service enquiries or book an appointment

Telephone: 0300 330 5777