A focused, short-term support service.

If you have had an illness, accident or spent time in hospital you may need extra support for a short time to get your confidence, mobility and functioning back. We work with you on your reablement and rehab goals to regain the skills and confidence in your daily tasks to remain living independently. This will be reviewed regularly and can be provided for up to 6 weeks.

Our trained staff will visit you to agree at least three realistic goals you want to achieve. These may include:

  • washing and dressing
  • preparing a meal
  • getting in and out of chairs and/or bed
  • using the toilet
  • getting out and about
  • using new equipment

What are the benefits of Reablement?

Reablement assists you to return or remain at home whilst feeling safe and happy.

It is not about our support workers doing things for you but giving you the skills and confidence to complete daily living tasks for yourself. This allows you to remain independent and looking after yourself for longer.

Further information about the reablement service

How do I access this service?

You can complete the online assessment or contact adult social care and explain you are interested in the rehab and reablement service. If you are already receiving a service from us and feel this would benefit you, you can speak to your social worker who can make a referral to the service. If you are in hospital, the clinicians caring for you may suggest you receive the rehab and reablement service at the point of discharge.

Where does the service take place?

The service takes place where you are living - your own home, in the home of someone you are staying with, extra care housing or in a residential care home

How long will I receive the reablement service?

This depends on your progress and may last up to six weeks, it is part of your needs assessment.

Your support will be regularly assessed and your progress will be reviewed. At the end of reablement you will either no longer need any support or you will be referred on for a full care assessment.  This will assess your strengths and capabilities, your support network and the outcomes that you hope to achieve to meet your care needs.  As part of a strength-based assessment it will be determined whether you meet the eligibility criteria for receiving support from the council

Is there a charge for this service?

There is no charge for the reablement service.  However, if at the end of reablement you require any ongoing support then there may be a charge depending on your circumstances.
More information on how to request an assessment.