More about the work of the Community Mental Health Teams

Community Mental Health Teams have a range of professionals working together including psychiatrists, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, support workers and social workers.

An assessment of need will take place following a referral  a care co-ordinator  may be identified to support and monitor care. A programme of help that meets the client's needs will be agreed. This may include:

  • medical and/or therapeutic support to treat mental illness;
  • support to help a person to live in their own home ;
  • support to help a person to start or continue education, training or employment;
  • residential care for people with long-term needs;
  • carers' assessments and support for carers.

Hospital beds for inpatient care are based at Green Parks House, Princess Royal University Hospital. The unit offers a range of therapeutic programmes including occupational therapy and ward-based activities. The Community Mental Health Teams work closely with hospital staff to ensure service users are supported on discharge. 

  • Bromley Rehabilitation Team provides services for people with severe and long-term mental health needs.
  • Bromley Assertive Community Team works with patients who find it difficult to use other services.
  • Referral to these services is via the Community Mental Health Teams.