Home to school transport guidance

Parental Mileage

One of the forms of travel assistance currently available to be awarded is the payment of a parental mileage allowance. This can be used in any way the parent or carer feels suitable to ensure their child access their education provision. This is not stating that the parent or carer must drive their child to the provision.

This allowance is paid to parents and carers instead of providing contracted transport and is calculated at the Council’s current mileage rate based on the distance from the home to school or college measured by the shortest available walking route,

The allowance is currently paid for two return journeys per day for the days your child attends their provision and attendance is verified with the provision before any payments is made.

If you are interested in a parental mileage allowance and want more details, please contact sentransport@bromley.gov.uk.

Contracted transport

The Council use a framework of vetted and approved transport providers to deliver home to school or college transport. Only providers who have been approved through the Council’s processes are permitted to provide SEN travel assistance.

The Council, working with the transport companies, will ensure that all drivers and passenger assistants have the appropriate DBS checks and relevant training for working with pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

It is your responsibility to bring your child to the vehicle in the morning and to collect them from the vehicle after school or college. Drivers and Passenger Assistants are not expected to undertake this role.

You must ensure that you or a named responsible adult are available at pick up and drop off at all times.

All children travelling on contracted transport provided by the Council must follow the instructions given by the transport crew. Please ensure that you support your child in following these instructions to allow for a safe and calm journey to and from school or college.

Any incidents that take place on transport will be reported to the Council by the transport providers to be investigated. Following investigation, the Council reserves the right (in some cases) to suspend or remove a child from the transport.

The Council request that parents and carers report any incidents they feel are detrimental to their child when travelling so that they can be investigated, and appropriate actions taken with the transport provider.

By completing the application, you are agreeing to adhere to the terms of travel for your child.