Subscription terms and conditions

  1. The Green Garden Waste (identified as ‘GGW’) subscription is a legal agreement (governed by English Law) between the London Borough of Bromley (identified as ‘LBB’), and the Subscriber (the party that makes payment for the subscription service).
  2. The GGW service provided under the subscription comprises the initial delivery of a container(s) and the scheduled collection of GGW by the LBB appointed service provider.
  3. The subscription period is for a minimum of 12 months.
  4. The container(s) will be delivered within 14 days of the payment being received.
  5. The GGW service provided under the subscription will start within 2 scheduled collections from the container(s) being delivered.
  6. The subscription will continue to the end of the initial 12-month period and the Subscriber will be notified prior to the end of the subscription date, to allow for any resubscription.
  7. Refunds will not be given for early termination during any 12-month subscription period.
  8. Subscriptions are not transferable between addresses. The address provided at the commencement of the subscription will be for the life of the subscription.
  9. The container(s) must remain at the address provided at the commencement of the subscription.
  10. A maximum of 6 containers is permitted per subscription.
  11. The container(s) will remain the property of the LBB at all times.
  12. If the container(s) needs to be removed from the subscription address for whatever reason, it is the responsibility of the Subscriber to ensure the container(s) is/ are empty and made available, to enable LBB’s waste collection service provider to retrieve it.
  13. If additional containers are required, application will need to be made with more than 1 month remaining on the subscription, and the additional cost will be calculated on a pro-rated basis of the current full year’s subscription, plus the cost of delivery.
  14. Whilst the container is in the Subscriber’s possession, it remains their responsibility to ensure that it is kept securely and in such a place that it will not likely be lost or stolen.
  15. Contents will not be removed when the scheduled collection is due if the container is found to be contaminated with items other than garden waste or the contents have been burnt.
  16. If a container becomes damaged through wear and tear replacements can be ordered without additional charge to the Subscriber. LBB reserves the right to investigate any report of suspected damage arising from abuse or neglect and to submit a charge to the Subscriber in the event that LBB establishes that the damage has resulted from abuse or neglect for the cost of a replacement container(s).
  17. The Subscriber agrees that if more than 3 replacement container requests are made within a calendar year, LBB will investigate the reasons for the replacements.
  18. The service is for use by single domestic households only. Managing Agents and commercial enterprises can make provision through LBB’s commercial waste collections and must not use this service.
  19. The preferred payment method is Direct Debit and all Direct Debit Subscribers will need to agree to the direct debit terms and conditions.
  20. A missed collection must be reported via the LBB website within 48-hours of the original scheduled day of collection and subject to validation will then be rectified within a subsequent 2 working days.
  21. The subscription renewal date will be 1 year from the date upon which the initial subscription payment was processed and will not necessarily coincide with the first scheduled collection date.
  22. Scheduled collections will take place twice per month in the period March to November, and once per month in the period December to February.
  23. Where circumstances beyond the control of LBB result in the service being suspended for more than 28 days, the subscription renewal date will be extended by one month to account for the missed scheduled collections.
  24. The container must be placed at the edge of the Subscriber’s property within arm’s reach of the pavement by 7am on the scheduled collection day.
  25. Some property types may not be suitable for collections, and where access is difficult and/or requires a different collection method to that set out above, subscriptions may be disallowed.