When you place a recyclable item in the bin it is collected by Veolia, our recycling and waste  contractor, and transported to a sorting facility where it will be processed and separated into similar items. Each item is then sent to other facilities equipped to reprocess that specific material.

The council receives regular information about where Veolia send the borough’s recycling and both monitor and check the information and data supplied.  Veolia's practices meet and exceed the legal requirements for recycling. Their dedicated team audits, visits and rigorously monitors all outlets for recycling commodities to ensure the highest standards are met.

Veolia also works closely with the Environment Agency to reduce waste crime, ensuring that every step of the recycling chain is accountable and efficient. You can be sure that when you recycle, it will go to the right place.

You can download specific recycling end destinations details, the information is a snapshot of destinations for November 2021 as locations change depending on markets.

Veolia only exports recycling abroad when there is not the capacity, available facilities or demand in the UK.