Bromley’s third Local Implementation Plan recognises idling vehicles as a cause of unnecessary emissions, and committed the Borough to an anti-idling campaign. 

It is an offence to be idling (engine running) whilst parked in the London Borough of Bromley and a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) could be issued.  If you do not switch off your engine when approached to do so by an enforcement officer, then you will be liable to receive a PCN.

Reducing pollutants from idling vehicles, especially in high-sensitivity areas such as around schools should have a positive impact on the health of all people, but particularly for children whose height can increase their exposure to pollutants.

Poor air quality is a major health concern, and the main source of pollution is road transport. Some vehicle journeys cannot be helped, but leaving your engine running when parked, idling, creates unnecessary pollution. Putting a stop to idling is a simple way we can all help to clean up the air that we breathe.

Idling engines contribute to local air pollution, which is harmful to health. If you would like to help improve local air quality, please switch off your engine if parked for a minute or longer.

Idling – myths and the truth

Myth: If it’s cold outside, I need to keep  the engine running to keep the heater on.

Truth: Idling at any temperature produces harmful emissions. Switching off your ignition is the only way to stop polluting the air around your vehicle.

Myth: If I’m parked on a yellow line, keeping my engine running means I won’t get a fine.

Truth: Traffic wardens can fine you if you are parked somewhere you shouldn’t be, whether yourengine is running or not.

Myth: But surely it’s better to idle because stopping and starting will wear out the engine?    

Truth: This is no longer a problem with modern engines and by not idling you will use less fuel and reduce your fuel costs.

Myth: But surely idling does not contribute very much air pollution in the grand scheme of things.

Truth: Research has shown that switching off engines when parked can reduce pollution levels in the street where the vehicle is parked.

Idling your engine unnecessarily is an offence and you could be fined.