Service Cost
Certified copies (Fee set by the Church of England)  
Baptism certificates  £13
Research service (Remote enquiries by post, phone, fax, email)  
First 15 minutes  Free
Hourly rate (or part of)  £25
Local Studies and Archives talks  

Talks to organisations

Contact Bromley Historic Collections for charges
*Reprographics  (Non-commercial use)    
Digital Prints up to A4 (Photo Paper) £4 each

Digital Images low resolution (web/online use, 72dpi)

£6 each
Digital Images (ie photographs, high resolution) Contact historic collections.  Price will depend on usage.

Self service photography  
(Non-commercial use includes licence for multiple non-commercial reproductions)


Daily rate £5
Archive staff assisted photocopying service  
B&W photocopying A4 £1 per sheet
B&W photocopying A3 £2 per sheet
Self service photocopying  
A4 size (black and white) 10p per sheet
A4 size (colour) £1 per sheet
A3 size (black and white) 20p per sheet
A3 size (colour) £2 per sheet
Microfilm prints  
Microfilm reader/printers A4 size 47p per sheet
Staff assisted microfilm prints  
Microfilm reader/printers A4 size £1.62 per sheet
Microfilm copies to be emailed  £3.11
Postage and packaging  
A4 Prints £1.50
A3 Prints £2
CDs £1
Publications £2

  * Refer to separate fees and charges list for commercial reproduction rates