Auction room competitive bidding registration

Any premises used as an auction room requires registration. Legally auctions are referred to as "competitive bidding".


You will need to apply for registration to sell goods by competitive bidding from the following premises:

  • halls, rooms, stalls, marquees, vehicles;
  • sites which are used or hire out for "one day sales"; and
  • any premises or land where goods are sold by auction

The registration is valid indefinitely to the owner. If ownership changes hands, then a new registration will have to be applied for.

The registered premises should notify us of any forthcoming sales 14 days before they take place. This is no cost for this. If you hold regular auctions only one notification is initially required. However, you should notify us of any subsequent changes.


The cost of the registration is £312

Guidance notes

Notes for registration of auction room competitive bidding sale (PDF - 80.85 KB) (online applications)

Apply to register


Through our partnership with EUGO you can make and pay for your application online. When you make your application this way you only have to complete one set of forms and we will pass these on to all other responsible authorities for you.

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