If you intend to keep fireworks, or other explosives at a premises you must store them safely at all times and hold a storage licence.


You must apply for a storage licence from us if you intend  to store up to 2000kg of fireworks or explosives.

If you wish to store more than 2000kg of fireworks or explosives you should apply to the Health and Safety Executive.

We are not permitted to licence some types of explosives such as ammunition regulated by the Firearms Acts. An application to acquire and keep these products should be made to the police.

When you apply for a storage licence you are required to carry out a risk assessment to ensure that the storage is safe.  The Health and Safety Executive fireworks risk assessment checklist is available to help you carry out the risk assessment and plan what actions you need to take to protect the safety of your staff and customers. 

Any application will take approximately 28 days to process so please return it allowing sufficient time.

Please contact us if you have lost your licence, wish to vary it or need to transfer it to another person. These changes do carry a fee.

Selling fireworks

All suppliers must comply with the law that controls the sale of fireworks.

When can I sell fireworks 

When you have a licence to store, you are only permitted to sell adult fireworks during the permitted time periods which are:

  • 15 October to 10 November 
  • 26 to 31 December
  • the first day of Chinese New Year and the three days immediately before it
  • The day of Diwali and the three days immediately before it 

An adult firework is any firework except for a cap, cracker snap (Christmas cracker), novelty match, party popper, serpent, throw down or sparkler.

If you wish to sell fireworks outside of these permitted time periods you will need to make a separate application to us for a selling licence under the Fireworks Regulations 2004.


Fees vary depending on the quantity and type of fireworks that you store, and may also be subject to annual increases. These fees are set by statute.

Storage licence Duration Current fee (£) 2023/24
New licence - under 250Kg 1 year 113
2 year 147
3 year 181
4 year 215
5 year 248
New licence - 250kg - 2000kg   1 year 193
2 year 253
3 year 317
4 year  390
5 year 441

Renewal of existing licence - under 250kg

1 year 56
2 year 90
3 year 125
4 year 158
5 year 193

Renewal of existing licence - 250kg – 2000kg

1 year 90
2 year 153
3 year 215
4 year 277
5 year 340
Licence variation Current fee (£) 2023/24
Varying the name of the licensee or address of site 38
Any other variation                                Reasonable cost to the licensing authority of having the work carried out
Transfer of licence 38
Replacement licence 38
Selling licence Duration Current fee (£) 2023/24
All year round sales licence 1 year 500


If you wish to apply for a storage licence please complete the storage licence application form alternatively contact us for a copy.

Once you have a storage licence, you can complete the application form for a licence to sell fireworks if you want to sell outside the permitted time periods


View guidance to the storage and sale of fireworks, including licensing and categories of fireworks and age restrictions.

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