We offer a paid pre-application advice service for certain types of premises licence applications (alcohol, entertainment, animal, special treatments) where an applicant or agent can meet with an administrator or licensing officer to go through the application form and process. In all cases the advice and guidance ends once the application is submitted to us for consideration.

Why use this service?

  • Peace of mind - from form to photos we make sure everything’s right first time.
  • Reduced administration -  as we will distribute copies to responsible authorities

Special Note: Using this process does not guarantee an application will be granted.  What it does is ensure that it will be processed promptly and that where appropriate the application contains all of the information and conditions that the council would expect to be in place to satisfy the responsible authorities.   

Types of pre-application advice

The types of pre-application advice we can provide are:

Check and send

We will meet with you to do a pre-submission validation check to ensure there are no errors or omissions that may result in an application being rejected as invalid. We will certify any photographs (if applicable) and distribute your application to consultees/responsible authorities (where applicable).

Pre-application consultation

We will do a pre-submission validation check of your application form and submit it to consultees and responsible authorities for pre-application comments. This will be helpful for applicants to:

  • gain an understanding of potential issues that may arise from their application
  • consider any appropriate conditions and/or comments that may be suggested by consultees or responsible authorities
  • understand any policy implications arising from their application
  • understand the likelihood of their application being successful

Full application service

This will consist of:

  • site visit (where appropriate)
  • technical advice and assistance with completing applications forms
  • technical advice and assistance with statutory notices and adverts
  • technical advice and assistance with plans
  • pre-submission validation checks
  • plan advice and guidance (separate charges may apply if plan need to be drawn)
  • application submission to responsible authorities

How to apply 

If you would like to apply for pre-application advice, please complete the pre application advice request form or alternatively download the request form and return it to us.

Once the application has been received an officer will contact you to make an appointment to attend our offices.

If you have any questions about our pre-application advice service, please contact us.


New premises licence or club certificate fees
Check and send up to 1 hour £44
Pre application advice up to 2 hours £76
Full application service up to 6 hours £178


Full variation of a premises licence or similar application process
Check and send up to 1 hour £44
Pre application advice up to 2 hours  £76
Full application service up to 6 hours  £178


Minor variation, change of DPS,transfer of a premises licence or other activity
Check and send up to 1 hour £44
Pre application advice up to 2 hours £76





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