Any persons or societies who wish to hold lotteries must be registered with the Council before the lottery takes place. There are certain types of lotteries which do not require registering, as listed in the details.


A lottery is a distribution of prizes by lot or chance where you pay a stake to enter.

Small lotteries that do not require registration include lotteries at:

  • fetes;
  • dinner dances;
  • sporting or athletic events;
  • bazaars;
  • sales of work.

Private lotteries do not require registration. These include lotteries:

  • for members of one society, which is established and conducted for purposes not connected with gaming, betting or lotteries, e.g. a lottery for a football club;
  • for people who work on the same premises.

Society lotteries do need to be registered. These include:

  • societies set up for charitable purposes, to support athletic sports games or cultural activity; or
  • other purposes not for private gain or part of a commercial activity.

More information about lottery operating licences


For information on publications, guidance, advice and all other types of lotteries please contact the Gambling Commission, Victoria Square House, Victoria Square, Birmingham, B2 4BP, Tel: 0121 2306500, Fax: 0121 2331096.



The cost of registration is £40. Cheques to be made payable to "Bromley LB". The cost of registration renewal is £20


Lottery returns

A return form must be completed after each lottery and submitted to us within 3 months of the draw.

Return forms must be signed (electronic signatures are acceptable) by two members of the society.  They must be aged eighteen or older and appointed for that purpose, in writing,  by the society.  A current appointment letter must be provided each time a return form is submitted (as an attachment if electronically).

The society registration will not be renewed until returns have been submitted. If raffles have not been held then you must submit a nil return for the year.

Submit a return form

Complete the lottery return form

Alternatively download a copy of the return form.


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