If your business is collecting, buying or selling scrap metal, this includes motor salvage operators you will need a licence.


There are two types of licence:

  • A site licence allows the licence holder to buy and sell scrap metal from a fixed location.
  • A collector's licence authorises the licence holder to operate as a mobile collector who travels within a Local Authority area to collect scrap metal from commercial or domestic premises. Mobile collectors must be licensed within every local authority area they operate.

It should be noted that you can only be issued with either a site or collectors licence in any one borough, not both.

Key measures:

  • Individuals and businesses will be required to complete an in depth application to attain a scrap metal dealers licence. The London Borough of Bromley has the power to refuse unsuitable applicants.
  • Unsuitability is based on a number of factors including relevant criminal convictions.
  • It widens the classification of scrap metal dealers to include motor salvage operators.
  • Local Authorities have the power to revoke a licence.
  • All sellers of metal will be required to provide personal identification at the point of sale. This will be recorded by the buyer of the scrap metal.
  • Police and Local Authorities have new powers to enter and inspect sites.
  • The Environment Agency will control a central public register of all businesses and individuals licensed as scrap metal dealers.



Site licence

Collectors licence

New licence



Renewal of licence



Variation of licence



Replacement licence



Additional vehicle licence



Waste Carriers Licence

A licence issued under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 does not replace the Waste Carriers Licence issued by the Environment Agency. Scrap Metal Dealers will be required to hold a Waste Carriers Licence.

Apply for a licence

An application form will need to be completed and submitted with the application fee and you will need a valid basic Disclosure check (DBS).

Applicants living in England and Wales will be required to apply for their criminal record check through disclosure and barring service. Any enquiries regarding this should be directed to the disclosure and barring service by email at dbsbasicenquiries@dbs.gsi.gov.uk or telephone on 0300 200 0190.

DBS certificates must be no more than one month old when we receive your application - if it is older, or if your application is incomplete and your disclosure certificate becomes out of date before we receive a complete application, you will be required to get another one. The original qualification certificate and basic disclosure check (DBS) will need to be submitted with your application, photocopies are not acceptable.

Apply online

Apply by post

Will Tacit Consent apply?

No. You must not start to deal in scrap metal before your application has been granted. If you have not heard from us within a reasonable period, please contact us.

What happens next

If no representations are received, the application must be granted.

Where the local authority propose to

  • refuse an application, or
  • revoke or vary a licence

You will be asked to submit a representation about the proposal. This representation will be considered before a final decision is made.

What you can do if your application is refused

You will be asked to submit a representation about the proposal. This representation will be considered before a final decision is made. If your application is refused you have the right of appeal within 21 days. Appeals should be made to us.


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