If you wish to trade on our streets you will need to apply for a temporary street trading licence. If you wish to enquire about trading within our parks you will need to contact our parks and greenspace contractor Idverde by email to  info@idverde.co.uk

This application is not for the Bromley Charter Market there is a specific licence application form relating to the Bromley Charter Market. Please note we do not currently have capacity for additional street trading in Bromley High Street outside of the market.

Licence details

Bromley do not have pre-selected pitches; applicants must put forward for a location (pitch) where they wish to operate from.  Licences are granted when we have approved the location.

We will refuse applications where there is not enough space in the location you wish to trade in or if street trading may cause interference or inconvenience to other street users/nearby businesses. Applications will have to consider mobility and/or visually impaired passers-by. 

A street trading licence does not entitle the holder to move around.

Bromley Council reserve the right to withhold any licence renewal, illegal street traders could receive fixed penalty notices (fines).

Tables and chairs or shop displays

Shop displays

If you wish to place a display or goods on the public highway outside your business a street trading licence is also required.

Licences are issued at Bromley Council's discretion and we will refuse applications where there is not enough space on the pavement for your display without causing disruption or inconvenience to other street users.

Tables and chairs

If you wish to place tables and chairs outside your establishment, you will need to apply for a pavement licence.


Street trading licence schedule of fees

There is a £15 non-refundable administration charge.


Before you apply you will need to have Public Liability Insurance to a value of at least £1 million.  If you are offering food you will need to provide details of your registration as a food business with your local authority. Details of how to register as a food business in Bromley  

Apply for a street trading licence

We aim to process applications within 5 working days

Private forecourts and unadopted Roads 

Trading, tables and chairs or shop displays on private forecourts do not require a street trading licence, but the private forecourt, trade and display must all be associated with the main business.

Any business or individual party wishing to use a private forecourt they do not own will require a street trading licence if they are within 7 metres of the highway.

Unadopted roads are still part of the borough’s highway network and do require a street trading licence. Only private roads where public access is restricted or controlled do not need a licence.

A - Boards

Bromley do not licence A-Boards however we do expect businesses to be responsible when placing any A-Boards on the pavement and ensure that they are not:

  • placed in the middle of the pavement or where they cause an obstruction, especially an obstruction for the visually impaired.
  • restrict the width of the pavement such that a wheelchair or pram could not pass
  • attached in any way to street furniture (lamp columns, railings, posts etc)

Where any A-Boards are found to cause an obstruction, they will be removed.

Appeal a licence decision 

Anyone who believes they have been unfairly refused an application or subject to a decision which unfairly impacts their trading can submit an appeal