Food business registration

Anyone starting a new food business or taking over an existing food business is required to register their food business premises at least 28 days before beginning to trade.  Registration is free, it is a legal requirement and cannot be refused.  Registration applies to all food businesses that store, sell, distribute, or prepare, food and drink. Once you have submitted a signed food business registration form you are free to begin trading.

Existing food business operators must notify the food authority of any changes in their food business activities.

Upon registration, your premise will be allocated to a food safety officer for inspection.  The time scale for inspection will depend upon the risk posed by the food activities of your business.

Please do not contact us after you have registered your food business.  A food safety officer will either make an unannounced visit to your food business or contact you when we are ready to do so.

Registration forms should only be completed and returned when you are certain that you are going to start your new food business. Please do not register your food business if you are not going to be ready to trade within 28 days of registration.

Information for specific food business operators

  • Food brokers
  • Mobile catering trailers / vans and ice cream vans
  • Market stalls
  • Vehicles used to transport food
  • Home producers, home baking, home catering
  • Charitable and community food provision
  • Childminders

Register your business

To register your food business you will need to complete a food business registration form and return it to the London Borough of Bromley or the local council where your business is based.

Once you have submitted a food business registration form you are free to begin trading, you do not have to wait for a food safety officer to contact you.

Register your food business online

By post - download and complete the food registration form  and send it to the Food Safety Team at the address provided on the bottom of the form.

Food registration guidance notes

Confirmation of registration

We do not routinely send confirmation that your food registration form has been received if you have sent your registration form by post.

If you require written confirmation that your food business is registered after sending a registration form by post, you will be charged £28. However confirmation is free and immediate if you register online.

Safer food, better business for new food businesses

If you are registering as a new food business, the Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) manual for caterers and retailers, helps small businesses with food safety management procedures so that food business operators meet the requirements of food safety regulations.  It includes page inserts for specialist areas, translated material in certain languages and replacement diary sheets.

Other food safety management systems are also available for butchers and small manufacturers.