To help ease queuing times and the associated congestion, larger waste containers have been installed at Waldo Road reuse and recycling centre.

The larger waste containers hold three times the volume of the previous bins, with some smaller containers still available.  This has also decreased the number of vehicle movements needed to empty the containers, helping to reduce congestion and minimising our environmental impact.

A dedicated team of recycling experts are on site to direct residents. With more staff on hand, we’re here to provide assistance to those who have difficulty climbing the steps.

All of our team wear high vis vests, so they’re easy to spot and are happy to help.

Please remember that whatever you put into the back of your car should be manageable, so that you and our assisting team can easily lift and carry your waste. Wearing suitable footwear to avoid trips and slips is also advisable.

Published: 21st June 2019