We are dedicated to increasing the housing supply locally to provide much needed Bromley homes for Bromley people.

As outlined in our housing strategy we are committed to providing 1,000 new homes on council owned sites by 2030 and to achieve this we are progressing development opportunities on a range of sites across the borough.

As part of this commitment, an initial £10m investment has already been invested to bring forwards high quality affordable housing at three Bromley sites, with this approach also reducing the cost to the council of putting families up in expensive, nightly paid accommodation.

Construction details about the three sites

Burnt Ash Lane

A 25-home development made up of one- and two-bedroom apartments, is being constructed behind Burnt Ash Lane, using part of the Brindley Way car park. Working in partnership with contractors ZED Pods, the project uses modern methods of construction, which involves building the housing offsite and then craning it onto site after groundworks have been completed.

Work on the Burnt Ash site commenced earlier in the year, with the housing units being craned onto site in July.  Additionally, separate private residential car parking will be provided beneath the newly constructed homes, with a reconfigured public car park reopening adjacent to the housing site once construction has finished. 

Please see the Zedpods website for further information

Bushell Way

A further 25 home development is underway in Bushell Way, on the former Banbury House site. The development, which consists of one- and two-bedroom apartments began construction this spring. The council is working in partnership with contractors, M-AR on this site, who are also using modern methods of construction to efficiently deliver these low energy, high quality homes, as displayed when the first of these housing units were craned onto Bushell Way site in July.

Anerley Town Hall

A further development for 10 one- and two-bedroom apartments is situated in the Anerley Town Hall overflow car park. The groundworks on this site commenced in June 2021.

Please see the Anerley Town Hall contractor’s website for further information.

Download local letting plans for each scheme.

Upcoming schemes

To continue with the progress towards our housing commitment launched by the above schemes, the council are exploring proposals for new housing on further sites across the borough.

York Rise

A planning application was recently submitted for 35 homes in York Rise, Orpington. The application for a combination of one, two- and three-bedroom apartments will be determined later this year, to hopefully allow works to commence in 2022. Further details are available from the York Rise architect's website.

Published: 29th July 2021