Residents and businesses are encouraged to have their say on the future of Bromley town centre.

Take part in an important planning consultation that will influence the developments that come forward in the area.

The 12-week consultation seeks views on a draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) for Bromley town centre, which once adopted will be considered when determining future planning applications in the area, supporting existing planning policy set out in the Local Plan and the London Plan. This news follows previous consultation in the summer of 2020 which received over 800 representations made about the future of Bromley town centre and what the proposed SPD should focus on.

Residents can most easily submit their responses to the consultation through the council website.

Councillor Yvonne Bear, Executive Councillor for Renewal, Recreation and Housing said: “I strongly encourage all those interested in the town centre to take the time to participate in this important consultation, and I thank those who provided feedback in the previous round, which helped to shape the current document, particularly its focus on understanding the ‘Bromley context’ and delivering good quality design. Town centres play a crucial role in supporting the local economy as well as being home to many residents. This document will help to foster appropriate regeneration by providing guidance for future developments. The purpose of the consultation is to ensure that the guidance truly reflects local priorities.”

Bromley town centre contains the largest high street in the borough and acts as a central hub for residents, providing shopping and leisure facilities for many. This new guidance is designed to protect and enhance the vibrancy and character of the town centre to enable it to adapt and thrive for years to come.

A further consultation on the Urban Design Guide SPD is also running alongside the Bromley SPD consultation. The Urban Design Guide SPD sets out design guidance for the whole of the borough to create a more holistic approach to regeneration for Bromley, in support of existing planning policy in the Local Plan and the London Plan.

Views are being sought on the design guidance in this document, which aims to raise the quality of urban and architectural design across the borough and to encourage new development proposals to consider the character of surrounding developments and how proposed developments would fit in with this local design. Submissions to this consultation can also be easily submitted through the council website.


For media enquiries, please contact James George, public affairs officer, on 020 8313 4565 or email 


Published: 28th October 2022