Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) provide further guidance on policies in the Development Plan.

Orpington Town Centre SPD – consultation on draft SPD

The council is currently consulting on the draft Orpington Town Centre SPD (PDF - 8.11 MB)

The SPD provides detailed guidance to assist with the implementation of adopted Development Plan policies - Bromley Local Plan and the London Plan - that relate to Orpington Town Centre.

The consultation is open from 9 March to 1 July 2022.  Responses can be sent:

•    by email to:
•    in writing to: Head of planning policy and strategy, Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley BR1 3UH; or
•    via Survey Monkey -  Orpington SPD 

 SPD supporting documents

The following SPD supporting documents are also open for comments:
•  Regulation 12(a) consultation statement (PDF - 426.86 KB)
•  Strategic environmental assessment screening statement (PDF - 244.94 KB)

Documents can also be viewed at the council’s main office at Bromley Civic Centre, Stockwell Close, Bromley BR1 3UH, by making a prior appointment by contacting

Planning obligations SPD

The council consulted on an update to the Planning Obligations SPD between 9 March 2022 and 22 April 2022. This document provides guidance on the council’s general approach to planning obligations, and where relevant, sets out the requirements and mechanisms for securing contributions. The document is an update of the existing SPD which was adopted in 2010. The update is necessary to take account of significant changes to the adopted policy framework at the national, London and local level; and to reflect the adoption of the Bromley Community Infrastructure Levy in April 2021, which changes the scope of requirements which the council may seek as a planning obligation in the determination of a planning application.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening statement was prepared to support the draft SPD and was also consulted on.

The council is currently considering responses received during the consultation, before proceeding to adoption. Any future decision to adopt will be a matter for the council’s Executive.

Adopted SPD's and guidance

The council has adopted the following SPDs:

In addition to these there are two further pieces of guidance which may be of relevance as material considerations in the determination of planning applications: