Views about the future of Bromley town centre are being strongly encouraged as the important planning consultation continues into its final phase.

The 12-week Bromley town centre consultation closes in three weeks times on Friday 27 January 2023. Interested residents, businesses and community groups are encouraged to join the responses already received by providing views on the draft Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) that will influence the developments that come forward in the area.

Once adopted the Bromley town centre SPD will be considered when determining future planning applications in the area, supporting existing planning policy set out in the Local Plan and the London Plan.

Residents can most easily submit their responses to the consultation through the council website.

Councillor Yvonne Bear, Executive Councillor for Renewal, Recreation and Housing said: “I thank those who have already responded to this consultation, with much insightful feedback having been received so far. This document is crucial for outlining the types of development that we want to see coming forward by guiding developers towards appropriate proposals for Bromley town centre from the outset. As such, we are keen to consider as many local views as possible, so please do provide your input to the consultation if you haven’t already done so.”

Bromley town centre contains the largest high street in the borough and acts as a central hub for residents, providing shopping and leisure facilities for many. This new guidance is designed to protect and enhance the vibrancy and character of the town centre to enable it to adapt and thrive for years to come.


For media enquiries, please contact James George, public affairs officer, on 020 8313 4565 or email

Published: 6th January 2023