Proposal to upgrade the Churchill Theatre and to redevelop the Bromley Central Library Site.

Plans for a major upgrade of the Churchill Theatre and the relocation of the Bromley Central Library to a new site on the High Street are being actively explored as part of an exciting new plan to enhance Bromley town centre.

As the current building housing the Churchill Theatre and Central Library approaches the end of its life, a scheme is being worked on between Bromley Council and Trafalgar Entertainment, the current operator of the Churchill, to upgrade and improve the current site. Constructed in the 1970s, with an intended lifespan of c. 50 years, many elements of the building and building fabric are now nearing the end of their life, necessitating a significant revamp designed to serve Bromley residents deep into the rest of the twenty-first century and perhaps beyond.

It is planned that Bromley Central library will be moved to a new location in the High Street, in the former Top Shop building. This prime location in the centre of the High St will be prominent and easy to find, and increase footfall on the town’s main shopping street, which in turn will better support the local economy and enliven the area well into the evening, as well as making Bromley an even safer place to be after dark.

Private discussions have been taking place with Trafalgar Entertainment for several months in relation to the basis on which the ownership of the building may be transferred to them, in order to enable the theatre to be upgraded as a significantly improved local facility, protected and supported with a long-term sustainable future.

Councillor Yvonne Bear, Executive Councillor for Renewal Recreation and Housing said, “the plans being brought forward present a wonderful opportunity to enhance Bromley Town Centre and ensure a sustainable future for two of its most cherished assets. We will continue to work closely with our partners over coming months to bring our discussions to fruition.”

Councillor Bear continued, "If I could make one point particularly clear for now, it is that the Theatre will be remaining ‘open for business’ and I would urge The Churchill’s army of loyal supporters to keep booking tickets.”

Helen Enright, Chief Executive Officer of Trafalgar Theatres said, “We remain committed to preserving and improving the Churchill Theatre for the benefit of all residents in Bromley and beyond. We have an exciting programme of shows planned for the theatre, including our enduringly popular Christmas pantomime production of Cinderella in December. 

Helen Enright continued, “I welcome the collaborative discussions we have been having with the Council, as we jointly recognise the need for investment in this ever-popular theatre venue. An improved theatre would enhance the customer experience and enable us to continue to bring high quality shows to Bromley for the benefit of local residents.”

Further news about the future of the new library and the Churchill theatre are expected to be discussed at the October meeting of the Council’s Executive Committee, where it is expected that the council will approve continuing its discussions with Trafalgar Entertainment with a view to agreeing terms which will secure the future of the Churchill Theatre in Bromley.


For media enquiries, please contact (for Bromley Council) Andrew Rogers, Head of Public Affairs, on 020 8461 7670 or email

For Trafalgar Entertainmnet, please contact David Bradbury, PR and Communications Manager, on 07748 750 116 or email

Published: 4th October 2023