We are aware that there are many instances of inconsiderate parking across the borough.   This can include parking for public facilities such as schools, health facilities and stations, close to shops or other local businesses and around leisure facilities, or for loading and unloading.

In many cases, the vehicle moves on within a few minutes, but we understand the annoyance caused by continuous or regular parking without consideration for others.

If the vehicle is not parked on a yellow line or in a restricted parking bay; is taxed; insured and roadworthy (with the appropriate MOT test) and is parked safely, there is no action that we can take.  This even applies if the vehicle concerned is quite large.  

Around schools

Parking difficulties are common around many of the schools within the borough. Yellow lines are often present with enforcement regularly carried out.  Installing more yellow lines may not help solve the problem, as these can also restrict residents and their visitors and are more likely to disperse the problem to other locations. We work closely with schools through the School Travel Plans to alleviate issues around the school gate. 

Vehicles exceeding 5 metric tonnes

Large vehicles over the maximum gross weight of 5 tonnes (typically a 10 seat or larger coach or a larger rigid vehicle or any articulated vehicle) are not permitted to park overnight in Bromley's roads. The only exemptions are public service vehicles and vehicles used in the service of a local authority. Loading/unloading of goods or persons, or in connection with construction works in or adjacent to the road is permitted.

If you are concerned about a parked vehicle, you can report it to us. We will then arrange for a Civil Enforcement Officer to visit the location and if appropriate, issue a Penalty Charge Notice. 

Close to junctions 

Each year we review accident statistics provided by the Police to identify and prioritise their work on areas within the borough where accidents occur and where engineering measures can make a difference.  To protect corners, double yellow lines (of 10m in length in both directions) prevent parking of all vehicles, including those belonging to residents. New schemes are only proposed when continual parking problems have been substantiated and sites are investigated on a case by case basis.

If you have a particular local concern you can make a request for a new parking scheme

In the middle of long bays

If a length of parking bay exceeds 15 metres (approximately 3 parking bays), it is not practical to split the bays and mark them individually. With more smaller vehicles on the road now, there is more room for cars to park in long bays that have not been marked out.

However, in some circumstances, splitting long bays may be beneficial.  For example, where it is found that the number of vehicles that can park in the bay is continuously limited due to inconsiderate parking.

Across dropped kerbs/driveways

You can find out more about parking across dropped kerbs/driveways and the actions we can take.