Garden hedges, shrubs, tree branches and even plants sometimes grow beyond garden boundaries, and can obstruct the pavement or obscure drivers' sightlines.

What we can do about it

Where overhanging vegetation is reported, we will inspect and contact the householder or responsible party to request any vegetation impeding the highway is cut back.

While we cannot enforce the height of private trees we can request low hanging branches be pruned back.

Once contacted the householder usually has 28 days to cut back the vegetation.  If it is not cut back within this time we will issue an Enforcement Notice.  If this is not complied with we will arrange for our contractor to undertake the work, the cost of which will be charged back to the householder. 

Some householders, particularly the elderly, may have difficultly cutting back overhanging vegetation themselves.  Family members, neighbours or Age Concern may be able to help, but anyone experiencing particular difficulties can contact us for advice.

Dealing with green garden waste 

Green garden waste can be composted at home or taken to the reuse and recycling centres at Waldo Road, Bromley or Churchfields Road, Beckenham.  You can also use our green garden waste collection service.

Report a problem

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What can you do..?

Take care of your hedges, trees or shrubbery to ensure that they do not pose an obstruction to the highway.

Further information

Vegetation overhanging your property can under common law be cut back, more information is available from the Citizen's Advice Bureau.