Local highways maintenance funding

The repair of potholes and stopping them forming is one element to improve the condition for all road users. Well maintained highways not only improves local productivity but also the environment (by reducing delays) and also makes leisure activities such as cycling, horse riding and walking more attractive. In Bromley we prioritise highway replacement based on a combination of condition and importance of the road or pavement. Depending on that assessment, we may only replace a stretch of the road or pavement.

In October 2018, the Chancellor announced in the budget the government was allocating a further £420 million of new money for local highways maintenance.

The funding for London was £20 million, with the allocation to London Borough of Bromley having the most miles of road, of £1.117 million. This funding is in addition to an upfront investment for resurfacing roads of £11.8m. The two year project started in 2017 was also designed to reduce maintenance costs.

As part of its asset management strategy, we undertake regular condition surveys of all roads in the borough, which allows certain roads to be identified as being in need of maintenance.