Road closures for special events

Bromley Council is able to close all or part of a road to facilitate a special event on or near the highway.  Special events may include, Christmas lights, street markets, sporting events and Remembrance Day services.

The procedure for large events follows that for street parties, however, there are some additional requirements.

A minimum of 12 week’s notice is necessary to allow for consultation with TfL buses, emergency services and other forward planning activities.

Events which are likely to generate traffic may cause traffic disruption.  We would expect a Traffic Management Plan to be provided by the event organiser explaining their procedures for managing vehicles, showing diversion routes, the locations of temporary signage or any other temporary arrangements.


The fee for processing a road closure for larger, special events, is £564.

There may also be a fee incurred to cover the cost of any bus diversion, should it be required.


In addition high volumes of vehicular traffic to an area may cause parking issues. It may be appropriate to implement temporary waiting restrictions as a result. Where this is the case there will be an additional charge of £190.

The council will make sure the correct notices are erected. However, it is the responsibility of the event organiser to provide and implement the parking cones and to remove them once the event had finished. 

Apply for a road closure

To apply for a road closure associated with a special event on or near the public highway please complete the road closure application form