We are working with other organisations in Bromley to ensure that vulnerable adults live a life free from fear, are treated with respect and are not forced to do anything against their will. 

A vulnerable adult is a person aged 18 years or over who may be unable to take care of themselves or protect themselves from harm or exploitation. Adults may be vulnerable due to old age/frailty, mental health problems, learning or physical disabilities.

What is abuse

Abuse is the violation of an individual's human and civil rights by any other person or persons. Abuse may consist of single or repeated acts. Abuse can happen anywhere: in the vulnerable person's own home, out in the street, or in their care home or hospital.

Forms of abuse include:

  • physical abuse e.g. hitting or pushing
  • psychological abuse e.g. making threats, humiliating
  • financial abuse e.g. theft, misuse of property, cash or benefits
  • sexual abuse e.g. sexual acts that the vulnerable person does not consent to
  • neglect e.g. ignoring a vulnerable person's medical needs
  • discriminatory abuse e.g. abusing someone because of their race or sexuality
  • Forced marriage is a form of child/adult /domestic abuse and where a vulnerable adult is threatened with or is the victim of a forced marriage the case will be dealt with under adult safeguarding procedures